About The Gym

What makes Intrepid Athletics different?

Once you enter you will realize this is not your average gym

Intrepid Athletics is the true definition of unique, with a hybrid approach that culminates an atmosphere of what you look for in a big box gym with a small business approach focused on community and the needs of individuals.

While our primary focus is individualized training for people of all ages and ability levels, we also offer remote programming, full gym access with all the essentials (plus much more!), Olympic Weightlifting programs, youth athletic development and virtual training options.

As you walk around Intrepid you will see a variety of equipment such as cardio, free weights, machines, and a dedicated platform space for Powerlifting and Olympic weightlifting.

Within the walls of Intrepid Athletics, we aim to teach you the core values of healthy living through functional training programs that translate to your everyday life so that your exercise habits are not confined to the gym. Our intention is to learn about each individual that comes into our facility and discover how we can help them feel better in all aspects of livelihood from movement patterns/pain management to competitive athletic aspirations.

Intrepid Athletics prioritizes the health of all members and clients by working with other members and practitioners of the health care community on a referral-based approach to matters that are out of our scope of practice so that we can be a part of the health care team for our members and athletes. We recognize that we are not doctors and therapists but having this relationship with other advocates of health and wellness allows us to give informed advice and stay involved in steps to healing and recovery for our clientele.

We are a community of individuals with common goals and that key element is what we base our entire mission on. The Intrepid Athletics staff is comprised of not only educated and qualified individuals but compassionate and kind humans. We know the gym is hard and exercise doesn’t come easily to everyone and we are here to make that experience a little better and a little more fun!

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